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The PRESENT section is a clearinghouse for all information related to the ongoing Superfund Cleanup process. In this area, users will find up-to-date schedules of relevant community meetings, a description of the Superfund process and current steps, a who’s who of contacts and stakeholders, and health and safety information.

The Cleanup Process:
Clear, straightforward information on the steps in Superfund Cleanup, including a Central Chem timeline and lots of information help understand where Hagerstown fits into this important process.

Who's Who
Contact info and descriptions to assist in identifying all the key players and terms. Find out who's in charge of the things that are important to you.

Community Info:
Check here for the latest news on the Central Chem Cleanup, as well as a calender of public meetings, and a "library" of documents, links and resources relating to the Central Chemical Cleanup thus far.

Getting Answers:
Check here for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that may not have been addressed elsewhere or post your own in the Community Forum.

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