Journal Publications
  1. Du, C., Kao, C-L. M., and Kou, S.C. (2015). Stepwise Signal Extraction via Marginal Likelihood. Journal of American Statistical Association, in press.<online> <pdf>
    Supplementary material: proofs of theoretical results.
    R packages: For all platforms; Windows binaries.
    Matlab package: For all platforms.
    Package Manuals: R; Matlab.
  2. Jiang, H., Mu, J.C., Yang, K., Du, C., Lu, L. and Wong, W. H. (2015). Computational Aspects of Optional Pólya Tree. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, in press.<online> <arXiv>
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  4. Du, C. and Kou, S.C. (2012). Correlation Analysis of Enzymatic Reaction of a Single Protein Molecule. Annals of Applied Statistics 6: 950–976. <online> <arXiv> <pdf>

Presentation Slides
  1. Du, C and Wong, W.H. Intrinsic Noise in Nonlinear Gene Regulation Inference. <Poster> <Slides>