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The lab exam is designed to assess the content knowledge and skills you've developed throughout the semester. It will consist of 2-3 novel, unstructured chemistry problems. For at least one of the problems you will also write aspects of a research report, e.g. abstract, experimental methods, and/or results & discussion section (appropriately cited). The exam is an open note examination; you are allowed to use anything in your laboratory notebook, the course website and text, and any software tools we've utilized throughout the semester. Keep in mind, however, that the "answers" will not reside in any of these resources. The resources only contain your ideas and experiences, in the case of your lab notebook, and mechanistic details and procedural information, in the case of the website. Armed with foundational knowledge (i.e. specific facts, information, etc.), you will discover the "answers" to the problems using the same scientific inquiry processes utilized throughout the laboratory sessions.

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The following are example questions from past years (pdf):

N.B. The exact format of the lab exam changes slightly from year to year.

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