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Chemical Principles Laboratory (CHEM 181L)

Course Materials

The following items are required and should be purchased prior to the start of class:

  • Course Text: Davis, H. B.; Tyson, J. F.; Pechenik, J. A. A Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry; Longman: Boston, 2010.

  • Course Packet (available near the start of classes at N.K. Print & Design, 7 Elliwood Ave, 434-296-9669; open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; http://www.nkprintdesign.com/): The course packet contains all the important handouts for the laboratory.

  • 1 1.5" 3-Ring Binder (available at the Student Bookstore)

  • 4 Section Dividers with Tabs (available at the Student Bookstore): The binder and dividers will be used as a replacement for the typical lab notebook. All assignments should be kept and organized in the binder. To help instructors quickly find things, the divider headings should be:
    Lecture Notes; Lab Notes; Graded Assignments; Miscellaneous

The following software tools are required but can be used or downloaded freely. Click here to learn more about each of these and for instructions on how to access them. 

  • Learning Catalytics: Learning Catalytics is a student response system.
  • Spartan Student Edition: Spartan is a molecular modeling tool that you can use to visualize molecules and calculate and predict a number of chemical properties and spectra.
  • ChemBioDraw: ChemBioDraw is a software tool that you can use to quickly create profession-looking images of molecules, equations, and other chemical visuals.
  • SciFinder Scholar Online: SciFinder is a powerful chemical database that you can use to research the literature.

Optional Materials 

  • Lab Coat: While lab coats are not necessary, chemistry is messy business. If you are worried about damaging your clothes or if your course of study will require you to take multiple labs, a lab coat is a good investment.
  • Safety Goggles: The lab has goggles for every student. If you decide to purchase your own, make sure the meet the correct standards.
  • Stapler and Hole Punch: These basic office supplies will be the best purchases you make during your four years at UVa!
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