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Notebook Checks

It is crucial that scientists carefully and diligently document their work. This helps them record and organize results, which ultimately guides their experiments. In some extreme cases, a well-kept laboratoy notebook makes the difference between you getting credit for a discovery or someone else.

For CHEM 1811, a three-ring binder and dividers will be used as a replacement for the typical lab notebook. You should maintain your notebook throughout the semester, keeping it up-to-date and organized. (Note: The divider headings should be: Lecture Notes, Writing Assignments, Lab Notes, Research Reports & Critiques, Digital Media Project.) To encourage the habit of continuous documentation, your notebook will be checked three times randomly throughout the semester. Each check will be worth 5 points, with the sum of them accounting for 3% of your final grade. Points will be awarded on an all-or-nothing basis.

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