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Chemical Principles Laboratory (CHEM 181L)

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Important Dates for Fall 2010

Classes Begin: Tuesday, August 24.

Adding a Course: The last date to add a course (or change grading option) is Tuesday, September 7.

Dropping a Course: The last date to drop a course is Wednesday, September 8.

Withdrawing from a Course: The last day to withdraw from a course is Tuesday, October 19.

Reading Days: Saturday, October 9 — Tuesday, October 12.

Thanksgiving Recess: Wednesday, November 24 — Sunday, November 28.

Classes End: Tuesday, December 7.

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Attendance at both the lecture portion and laboratory component of CHEM 1811 is required. This stipulation is based on the following:

  • The lecture component of the lab expands on some of the broader, "big picture" ideas of science which are not covered explicitly in lab.
  • The lecture component of the course will introduce/explain concepts necessary for a successful lab experience.
  • A laboratory course by nature is a "hands-on" endeavor.
  • Much of CHEM 1811 is designed to be collaborative, and therefore, others are depending on your contributions.
  • Your instructors like/want you to be there, and are willing to help and answer your questions.

Note: Missed labs may only be made up if you know you'll be absent for a legitimate reason and let the instructor know ahead of time. Every attempt should be made to complete the work during another section performing the lab; i.e. during the same week.


All assignments are due at the start of class/lab one week after the day they are assigned unless otherwise noted. See the Syllabus for detailed information. Late assignments will only be accepted if you know you'll be absent for a legitimate reason and let the instructor know ahead of time.


Several components are factored into the final course grade. The total number of points available is 500. A detailed breakdown of these points is shown on the 'Assignments' page. Final grades will be based on the following fixed scale:



I trust every student in this course to fully comply with all of the provisions of the UVa honor system.

Students will typically work with a partner (or in small groups) on laboratory exercises and other related work. While the experience should be collaborative in nature, the final version of all written documents must be entirely the work (and writing) of each individual student. All submitted work should state who collaborated on the assignment and in what ways.

The final examination should be pledged, stating that the student neither received nor gave aid during the exam.

If it is shown beyond a reasonable doubt that a student has committed an honor violation with regard to any assignment or test, that student will receive an immediate grade of '0' (zero) for that work, irrespective of any subsequent action taken by the Honor Committee.

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