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October, 2016: Our research recently published in Science Advances is featured in UVA Today article.

UVA Physicists, Engineers Paving Way for Wider Use of New Solar Cell Materials

October, 2016: Ben's paper titled "
Controlling Nucleation, Growth, and Orientation of Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films with Rationally Selected Additives" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Chemistry A!! Congratulations!

September, 2016: Choi group welcomes 2 new Ph.D. students (Katelyn Dagnall and Lucy Yoon) and 2 new undergraduate researchers (Xu He and Sydney Stenseth) to the group. Welcome!!

September, 2016: In collaboration with Prof. Seunghun Lee, our paper on “Entropy Driven Structural Transition and Kinetic Trapping in Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite” has been accepted for publication in Science Advances!!

September, 2016: In collaboration with Prof. Wissam Saidi at the U. of Pittsburgh, our paper on "“Nature of the Cubic to Tetragonal Phase Transition in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

September, 2016: Our research on metal halide perovskite thin film growth has been featured in news articles.
Unlocking the secret to cheaper solar power
"Developing hybrid organic-inorganic materials for next generation optoelectronic devices"

Our research group aims to advance the fundamental understanding of relationships between structure of semiconductor nanomaterials and their optical, electrical and magnetic properties. New insights obtained from our research enable development of novel semiconductor nanomaterials with tailored properties for next generation solar cells, light-emitting diodes, medical imaging agents and spintronics.

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