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April, 2018: Alex's paper titled "Origin of vertical orientation in two-dimensional metal halide perovskites and its effect on photovoltaic performance" has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications!! Two of our undergraduate researchers, Michelle Shiu and Jennifer Ma are also co-authors. Big Congratulations!

April, 2018: Choi group won 4-VA funding on project named "“hybrid organic-inorganic materials for non-volatile optical memory devices”!! This funding will enable new collaborative project with Prof. Guijun Wang at Old Dominion University. We are grateful for the support.

April, 2018: Prof. Choi, Ben and Alex attended and each gave a talk in MRS Spring 2018 conference in Phoenix Arizona.

September, 2017: Two new undergraduate researchers, Mustafa Mahmoud and Kendall Hanks, joined the group. Welcome!

September, 2017: Ashley Conley, 1st year graduate student, has joined the group. Welcome! She will be jointly advised with Prof. Gaurav Giri.

September, 2017: Prof. Choi gave an invited talk at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

August, 2017: Kate and Lucy successfully passed Q exam and have become PhD candiates. Congratulations!
"Developing hybrid organic-inorganic materials for next generation optoelectronic devices"

Our research group aims to advance the fundamental understanding of relationships between structure of semiconductor nanomaterials and their optical, electrical and magnetic properties. New insights obtained from our research enable development of novel semiconductor nanomaterials with tailored properties for next generation solar cells, light-emitting diodes, medical imaging agents and spintronics.

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