1/3/2011: Former Chruma Group undergrads (nowgraduate students at Yale) Michael Melicher and Melissa Lowder get engaged while visiting their Alma Mater. Congrats!

12/17/2010: Burke's second communication on our progress toward the symbioimine family of natural products was accepted for publication inTetrahedron:Asymmetry (doi:10.1016/j.tetasy.2010.12.018)

7/21/2010: Andrew Yeagley successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Have fun Dr. Yeagley in North Carolina with Prof. Melander!

6/15/2010: Burke's first communication on our progress toward the symbioimine family of natural products is nowin print (Org. Lett. 2010, 12, 3192)

6/13/2010: Wendy and her long-time beau Eric finally "tied-the-knot". Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ballard!

5/23/2010: Mike and Melissa are now officially college graduates and are heading off to Yale for graduate school! Have fun you two!

4/22/2010: Jason Burke successfully defended his PhD dissertation to become the first PhD to graduate from the Chruma Group! Congratulations Dr. Burke!

4/4/2010: Wendy's decarboxylative benzylation paper highlighted by Paul Knochel and Tobias Thaler in SynFact, 2010, 4, 461.

1/15/2010: Jared Pienkos officially joins the Chruma Group. Welcome Jared! (Jared is eventually "poached" by Prof. Harman; bye Jared!)

12/14/2009: Wendy's decarboxylative benzylation paper is published in Org. Lett.

9/18/2009: Justus Paul Chruma born in Prof. Chruma's minivan while still parked in the driveway!

8/6/2009: Andrew and Melissa's intercepted decarboxylative allylation paper is published in Org. Lett.

5/4/2009: Dr. Moon and Bill's azaphilone alpha-bromoacetate paper is FINALLY published in Lett. Org. Chem.

Sometime in early 2009: Ali Khan finally gets the Chruma Lab website set-up.