Prof. Jason J. Chruma , Ph.D.

Prof. Chruma was born and raised in the Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry with Honors from the University of Arizona, where he investigated new methods for the synthesis of amino acids and anti-cancer alkaloids with Prof. Robin Polt. His graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the laboratories of Prof. Amos B. Smith, III involved the synthesis and design of peptide natural products and small molecules that interrupt the initial protein-protein interactions involved in HIV viral entry. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 2002 and then moved to Columbia University where he served as an NIH postdoctoral fellow under the guidance of Prof. Ronald C. Breslow. With Prof. Breslow, Jason developed new small molecule and peptidal histone deacetylase inhibitors as well as novel mimetics of the vitamin B6-dependent diakylglycine decarboxylase enzyme family. In the summer of 2005, Jason was appointed to his current position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia .

Curriculum Vitae