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Textbook: Intergrated Chinese

Welcome to the Chinese Web-based Character Learning Program! This webpage is designed to help elementary and intermediate learners of Chinese as a foreign language to learn characters more effectively by practicing with various on-line exercises. This page is designed to function with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or up. It also requires NJSstar Communicator in order to input Chinese characters. You can access the NJStar Homepage to download a trial copy.

In order to launch the exercises properly, this website is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Elementary Level


Intermediate Level





Lesson 1 開學




Lesson 2 宿舍




Lesson 3 飯館




Lesson 4 買東西




Lesson 5 選專業




Lesson 6 租房子




Lesson 7 男朋友




Lesson 8 電影和電視的影響




Lesson 9 旅行




Lesson 10 在郵局




Lesson 11 一封信




Lesson 12 中國的節日




Lesson 13 談體育




Lesson 14 家庭




Lesson 15 男女平等




Lesson 16 健康與保險




Lesson 17 教育




Lesson 18 槍枝與犯罪




Lesson 19 動物與人



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