Coaching Instruction Video-Cases (CIV)

This website was the direct result of a Virginia Department of Education Clinical Instructor training grant: Coaching Instruction Video-Cases (CIV): Using Video Cases to Improve the Instructional Discourse of Student Teachers and Clinical Instructors. (Grant #879-SY08 CFG). The project directors were Drs. Sandra B. Cohen and Ruth Ferree from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education. Website development was done by Jaeho Choi.

The website provides the opportunity for cooperating teachers (known as clinical instructors in the Commonwealth of Virginia) to use video examples to practice coaching student teachers with feedback and support. The site materials encourage cooperating teachers to use a coaching model to increase student teachers’ reflection strategies.

In addition to the development of this website, the VDOE grant allowed us to train clinical instructors at the UVA Curry School of Education during a Summer Institute to apply the coaching strategies. Recipients of the increased coaching skills among cooperating teachers are preservice and novice teachers who are just beginning professional careers in education.

We thank all of our clinical instructors who provided stories and examples for the website: Lynn Trachta, Denise Collado, Dean Eliason, Brian Nagel, and Wendy Eckerle. We also thank our Curry School colleagues for their advice and expertise: Stephanie van Hover, Susan Mintz and Joe Garafalo. 

Funding for this website came from the Virginia Department of Education Award #879-SY08 CFG to Dr. Sandi Cohen and Dr. Ruth Ferree at the Curry School of Education. Questions should be sent to Dr. Ferree at