Phases of Coaching

Teaching Learners to be Self-Directed - Copyright © Gerald Grow

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These cartoons are Gerald Grow's ideas of the teaching styles needed at different phases of teacher development. They illustrate the approach a coach might take when working with a novice teacher at each phase. Consider the cartoons and what you think the coaching teacher could be saying during each stage. Included are captions from coaches who attended our workshops.

Phase 1

Stage 1Captions from other coaches:

"I hope I have the right recipe: 1 cup knowledge, plus 1 cup experience."

"I’ll fill you with all I've got."

"Take it all in."

Keywords: Tell, impart, transmit, give, propound, convey, expound, transfer, direct, fill, inform, coach, input, drill, condition

Phase 2

Stage 2Captions from other coaches:

"Should I put in an extra ear or an eye in the back of the head?"

"Patience. Meltdowns happen."

"We just need to rework this area a bit more."

Keywords: Develop, mold, produce, instruct, reinforce, prepare, direct, demonstrate, push, motivate, inspire, shape, drive, persuade, sell, train

Phase 3

Phase 3Captions from other coaches:

"Do you feel lost? Confused? Scared? Good, you're ready."

"Come on, you can do it. It's only a 'kid'."

"Just a little more and you'll be able to see the big picture."

Keywords: Lead, guide, initiate, help, show, point the way, explore, facilitate, discuss, share, participate, offer, suggest, negotiate, collaborate, validate

Phase 4

Stage 4Captions from other coaches:

"Ah, the fertile classroom experience."

"Cultivating the next generation of educators."

"Knowledge, observation, practice, reflection: I’d say you’re growing well."

Keywords: Cultivate, encourage, nurture, develop, foster, enable, bring out, mentor, plant, challenge, advise

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