Lesson Plan - Elementary school: Planning a Brochure

Grade: 5
Content Area: Social Studies/Language Arts
Lesson: Creating a local attraction brochure

I. Standards of Learning (SOL): Social Studies: The student will demonstrate knowledge of how economic decisions are made in the marketplace.

English/writing: The student will write for a variety of purposes: to describe, to inform, to entertain, and to explain.

II. Objective(s): Working in small groups, students will be able to write a brochure to advertise a new entertainment or regional attraction that the group thinks will help bring tourists to the state they have been assigned.

The students will incorporate important components of a brochure including: directions, key features of the attraction, the schedule, and entrance fee.

Students will be able to state what economic impact their brochure can have on the community.

III. Materials: Sample brochures, colored paper, computer and printer
IV. Presentation:
  • Review information provided in the last lesson related to states being studied
  • Show a sample brochure on the "Elmo" machine and ask what information the students notice is in the brochure
  • Make a list of the relevant features of the brochure on the board for the students to use when writing their own brochure
  • Students work in their assigned groups and write a brochure for a fictional attraction they have selected
  • Each group will construct their brochure on the computer and will print copies for the rest of the class
V. Assessment: Have a student from each group present the brochure the group created and talk about the attraction in their assigned state.

Grade the whole group on the quality of the writing in the brochure

VI. Differentiation Assign students to small groups balancing the groups with stronger and weaker students

Let each group decide the role each member will fill

VII. Technology Use the Elmo (document projector) to review a brochure from a local attraction in order to be sure that everyone notices the key features


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