The Lab Coordinators are responsible for lab administration and data management.

Project Coordinator

Ashley Dunn is a first year graduate student in the Curry School studying Counselor Education. As a school counselor, she will be an advocate for all students by creating an equitable environment where students have the opportunity to meet high standards and achieve while adhering to a rigorous curriculum.

Assistant Coordinators

Maggie Norton is a fourth year graduating with a degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. Maggie hopes to use her psychology background to eventually work in pediatric nursing. She is from Cumberland, Maine and loves all things outdoors. Her hobbies include photography and sewing.

Shruti Ramesh is a 1st year graduate student in the Curry school, studying secondary mathematics education. She aims to teach high school math (including calculus) and wishes to evoke a love of mathematics in her students through exploration and discovery. She enjoys cooking and baking when she’s not planning lessons.