The Lab Coordinators are responsible for lab administration and data management.

Project Coordinator

Rebecca Martin is a fourth year undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biology. She is also highly interested in Psychology and East Asian Studies. At UVA she is also involved in Club Softball, volunteering at Martha Jefferson Hospital through Madison House, tutoring at an elementary school through Hoos and Moos, and serving as a volunteer EMT with CARS. In her free time she enjoys hiking, baking, and finding puppies to play with.

Assistant Coordinators

Jessica Pham is a third-year undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Science. Her goal is to attend graduate school in clinical psychology and ultimately open up her own private practice. She works as a student supervisor at the Digital Production Group in the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library during the school year. Outside of lab, she is also involved in VISAS, PAFN, and volunteering at the UVA hospital. In her free time, she enjoys anything and everything about food, including eating, cooking, researching, watching, & even more eating.