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SARC 600- The Common Course

Part 3: American "Glocal" City Cards

Week 001
Monday; October 27 Wednesday; October 29 Friday; October 31
Discussion Section: Part 2, Four Glocal City Design Terms, "Cards" Due William R. Morrish: Civil Identity: The Art of Urban Succession Sheila Crane: Architectural History on Transnational Borders
Week 002
Monday; November 3 Wednesday; November 5 Friday; November 7
Discussion Section William R. Morrish: Water Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink: LA/NOLA Kristina Hill: South Bronx Greenway Project, New York
Week 003
Monday; November 10 Wednesday; November 12 Friday; November 14
Discussion Section William R. Morrish: Mixed It Up: LA/NOLA John Quale: EcoMOD
Week 004
Monday; November 17 Wednesday; November 19 Friday; November 21
Discussion Section William Williams: Dresser Trunks and the Southern Crescent Bernard Tschumi Proposal-Downsview ParkJulie Bargman: NOLA Mudcologies
Week 005
Monday; November 24 Wednesday; November 26 Friday; November 28

William R. Morrish: American Glocal City: Next Steps (Last Day of Class)

Week 006
Monday; December 1 Wednesday; December 3 Friday; November 9
  Semester "Cards" project due on section collab. NO CLASS
Wednesday; December 10
Final Presentaiton of Cards: 9am-12noon, Room 158


Part 1

4 Disciplines respond to Global/Local Urban Situations

Part 2

Glocal City Design Terms

Part 3

American "Glocal" City Cards