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PHYS 2660: Fundamentals of Computational Physics 2014


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Look here for announcements during the semester.
28 Jan Looking for the code examples from our text? See this link, direct from the author.
18 Jan Do not underestimate the amount of time this class is going to require. We are going to move FAST and build every week on new things we are learning.
18 Jan Weekly readings and Homework 1: The first reading assignments have been posted. Note that we are entering week 2. The first homework is assigned as well; it is due Thursday 30 January. This is the last time I will remind you about your weekly homeworks and reading assignments.
18 Jan Connecting to galileo: Please consult the instructions here for how to connect to galileo from a personal computer. As many of you experienced, the web-based java applet method of connecting to galileo is unstable and often not working well. I recommend never using that method of connecting to galileo again and instead focusing on the above methods.
18 Jan Waitlisters: If you are on the waitlist, I would ask that anyone who can afford to take this class next spring please do so. We are beyond reasonable max capacity, and although I want to accommodate everyone it is going to be difficult if not impossible.
18 Jan Waitlisters: If you are on the waitlist and can take the lab at 12:30 on Thursdays, you should switch to that section, section 101. It has the shortest waitlist.

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