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PHYS 2660: Class Notes

Class Topic Slides
Week 0 Assessment
Week 1 Introduction: computer hardware, OS, Linux, shell+command line, filesystem, remote connections pdf
Linux shell ssh Xwindows
Week 2 Introduction to C pdf
Week 3 Basic C programs, variables and storage, I/O pdf
Week 4 Operators, functions pdf
Week 5 Operations and functions returning values, conditional structures pdf
Week 6 Loops, recursion, scope of variables, static variables, intro to pointers pdf
Week 7 Detailed discussion of pointers, pointers to functions, review of material for exam pdf
Week 8 Arrays, array names as pointers, strings, arguments for main() pdf
Week 9 Exam review, making reusable code, structures pdf
Week 10 Introduction to Gaussian statistics pdf
Week 11 Debugging, more prob distributions pdf
Week 12 Gaussian limit, interpreting uncertainties, \chi^2 and reduced \chi^2 pdf
Week 13 - canceled -
Week 14 more on \chi^2, model tuning, review pdf
Review each week's notes before your lab on Thursday

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