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PHYS 2660: Class Notes

Class Topic Slides Donated Student Notes
Week 0 Introductions pdf
Week 1 Computer hardware, OSes, Linux, shell+command line, filesystem, remote connections pdf pdf
Week 2 Introduction to C pdf pdf, pdf
Week 3 Variables, physical storage of numbers, preprocessor, formatted I/O pdf pdf
Week 4 Functions pdf see Week 5
Week 5 Comments, Conditionals, Loops pdf pdf
Week 6 Scope, static variables, different function interfaces, pointers pdf pdf
Week 7 Pointers, pointers to functions, arrays, exam preparation pdf pdf
Week 8 More on arrays, strings, args to main(), random numbers pdf pdf
Week 9 MC integration, structs, object files, libraries pdf pdf
Week 10 Histograms, data visualization pdf see Week 11
Week 11 Gaussian statistics pdf pdf
Week 12 Other probability dists, estimating uncertainties pdf pdf
Week 13 Fitting pdf
Week 14 Parameter determination, summary pdf pdf
Review each week's notes before your lab on Thursday

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