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On-line resources

Many resources are available on-line to help students and professional programmers alike. Below are a few links that you may find useful as supplements to the class material.


  • The C programming language: C programming notes notes by Brian Brown are available at various mirror sites. You will also find a link to interactive tests on the C language at the bottom of the notes page.
  • Programming in C – Learn by Example: A nice guide through the basics of C programming with example programs throughout.
  • The C++ programming language: While many of the additional features provided by C++ are beyond the scope of this class, the C++ Annotations guide by Frank Brokken at the University of Groningen is a very valuable programming resource.


  • gnuplot: Information on gnuplot and links to tutorials are available from the help section of the gnuplot website.


  • Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide: A introduction for new Linux users. From the introduction: Everybody who wants to get a “CLUE”, a Command Line User Experience, with Linux (and UNIX in general) will find this book useful.

Probability and Statistics

  • Mathworld: The Mathworld site provides an extensive collection of mathematical resources.
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