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Serotonin and the formation of brain circuits

Serotonin is a small molecule that regulates many functions in the brain including the formation of neural circuits. Our lab is interested in both how serotonin functions and how to examine neural circuits.





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Video of a larval social cluster


Congrats to our two new Honors Thesis graduates, Marisa Adhikusuma (going to PhD program at U. Pitt) and Kelsey Sundby (going to NIH)


Larval vision paper in press Nature Comm; this paper presents evidence that larvae can 'see' other larvae.

Check out this video; it shows a larva circling under tethered target larvae. However, the target larvae are on the other side of the petri dish plastic indicating that vision is the primary means of detection.

Sept 2011

Most of the larval interneurons traced. See below for 55 GAL4 traced interneurons



Work of David Ariew, Kirsten Arritt, Sandra Koyomji, Elizabeth Daubert