Current Members


Tiffany Tran, technician, 2018-present

Mark Dombrovski, PhD student, Jefferson Fellow, 2015-present

               Current Biology, 2017


Leanne Poussard, undergraduate

    Current Biology, 2017

Nitesh Alluri, undergraduate

Liam Kennedy, undergraduate

Grace Kaupas, undergraduate

Ian Linnville, undergraduate

Aishwarya Shrestha, undergraduate

Ngozi Akingbesote, undergraduate

 Hunter Shelton, undergraduate

Rachel Mellon, undergraduate



Andrea Vaccari, post doc (Scott Acton) 2014-2017 Dept Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, U. of Vermont

               Current Biology, 2017

Heather Rieff 1999-2000

Worked in public relations at FASEB before taking job public relations/policy at NINDS

Publications: Development 131:997-1006 (Commentary:Developmental Cell 7:783)

See commentary in Science on career: policy career


Yong Yang 2008-2010 Currently doing post-doc at U. Penn

Ning Yang 2008-2009 Currently doing clinical post-doc at UVA

Yogita Shwade 2002-2003 Currently living in India


PhD Students

Jessica Couch 1998-2003, First PhD!; Currently staff scientist at Genetech

Development 131:997-1006 (Commentary:Developmental Cell 7:783)

Current Biology 12:741-743


Paul Sykes 1999-2003 MD/PhD,  Neurology at U. Alabama

Cell and Tissue Research 317:327-331

Development 130: 5557-5558

Developmental Biol. 286:207-216 (featured on cover)


John Chen Undergrad 1998-2000, PhD 2004-2009, Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic

Complexity 9:15-16

Development 131:997-1006 (Commentary:Developmental Cell 7:783)

International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 25: 341-347.

Developmental Biol. 320: 30-38

J Comp Neurology 515: 441-453


Elizabeth Daubert 2003-2010; post doc 2010-2011; currently post-doc in Tom Kidds lab

CSH Protocols. 2007: pdb.prot4770

CSH Protocols. 2007:pdb.prot4771

MCN 2010 MCN 44:297-306.

TINS 2010 TINS 33:424-434.

Nature Communications, 2012, 3:1156


Trisha Vickrey, graduate student (joint with Jill Venton, Chemistry), neuronal physiology, 2006-2012 currently doing MA at Harvard in science policy

Anal Chem. 2009 Nov 15;81(22):9306-13

ACS 2011 2, 723-729


Saurav Basu (joint with Scott Acton, Dept Electrical Eng.)

Biomedical Imaging, 2012, 996

Signals, Systems, Computer, Asilomar, 2011

Signals, Systems, Computer, Asilomar, 2010


Xenia Borue 2003-2008 (MD/PhD joint with Jill Venton/Chemistry)


(2010) J. Neurochem 10:1111 1471-1493

(2009) J. Neuroscience Methods, 179:300-308

2008 International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 25: 341-347.


Suvadip Mukherjee, PhD student, 2012-2016 IBM


               J Comp Phys 2015

               Biomedical Imaging, 2013, 448

               Biomedical Imaging, 2012, 717



Masters Students

Brad Justice, 2009, currently running a local Biotech Firm, Global Cell Solutions

David Ariew, 2011, currently working in the condron lab and local movie production company

Rachel Joynes, 2005 (U. of Bath, UK), doing PhD at UCL

Jenifer Soznowski, 2005, lecturer at JMU

Kirsten Arritt , Masters, 2011-1012



Nick Macedonia, 2012

Nature Communications, 2012, 3:1156


Tatiana Gaidamak 2005-2006

Nella Solludakina 2006-2010

Cissy Perez , 2012-2113 VCU Medical School



Lucia Kmecova

    Current Biology, 2017

Nick Hogan, Harvard MBA program

               Current Biology, 2017


Elisabeth Schott, MS program in genetic counseling

               Winner Harrison Award

               Current Biology, 2017


Julia Decelles-Zwerneman, pre-medical training


Sarah Glier, undergraduate, MSTP program, UNC

               Winner Harrison Award

               J. Comp Phys, 2015


Kamilia Mohalem, pre-medical training

               Current Biology, 2017


Zoe Slepian, vision project  

J. Comp Phys, 2015

Winner Harrison Award


Taylor Nystrom, 2014

J. Comp Phys, 2015


Coleen Osborne, adaptation in locomotion , PhD program. U Florida Michael Dong 2012-2015, locomotion project , UVA medical school


Sarah Hooper, 2012-2015


Marisa Adhikusuma 2013-2014, undergraduate, locomotion project; currently in PhD program U. Pittsburgh


Kelsey Sundby 2013-2014,  undergraduate, vision project

*J. Comp Phys, 2015

*Winner Frank Finger Award for Thesis in Psychology


Ben Rost 2013-2014, undergraduate, locomotion project


Alena Hoover, undergraduate 2009-2013, serotonin project.


Julia Cook, undergraduate 2012-2013, developing an assay to detect neuron degeneration using larval locomotion


Cissy Perez , 2012-2113 lab technician, currently a medical student at VCU


Jasmine Le, undergraduate 2011-2012, adaptation in locomotion


Kirsten Arritt , undergraduate student 2010-1012, neuronal tracing


Jeff Ahn , undergraduate 2012-1013, neuronal tracing


Andrew Lam, undergraduate 2010-2013, neuronal tracing


Julia King, undergraduate 2009-2012, larval coma recovery, MSTP student, Mt Sinai

*Harrison Award Winner


Jeremy Louissaint, 2010-2012 undergraduate, larval behavior, medical school, Cornell


Tom Choi, 2009-2010 Medical School, GWU


Ellen Uri 1998-2003 Currently finishing vet school at VT


*Development 131:997-1006 (Commentary:Developmental Cell 7:783)



Ginny Min, 2003-2005, Web designer in Austin, Texas,

*J. Neuroscience Meth. 145:63-72 pdf


Aaron McCrady 2008-2010; entered master's program McIntire School of Commerce

*Harrison Award Winner


Steven Busan 2009, entered PhD program at UNC


Matt Fifer 2009, entered PhD Program in Johns Hopkins


Stephanie Riddle 2004-2008; working in NY


Allison Wolfe 2006-2008; Med School Wake Forest


Heather Norman, finishing Med School at UVA,

*             Cell and Tissue Research 317:327-331


Zoe MacIsaac, finishing med school at UVA.

Joan Noelker, currently finishing med school at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin


Saam Dilmaghani, currently at Med School, UVEMS


Stephanie Cooper, 2005-2007, Med School UVA

*J. Neuroscience Methods, 179:300-308


Elisabeth Greer 1999-2002. Completed PhD at UCSF and now doing post-doc at UNC


George Hsu 1998-1999. Entered Medical School at UVA 2000. Now practices anesthesiology.


James Thomas 1999-2000. Entered Medical Scientist Training Program at UVA, 2001. Entering Cardio residency at UCSF 2010


John Chen 1999-2000. Entered Medical Scientist Training Program at UVA, 2001.


*             Development 131:997-1006 (Commentary:Developmental Cell 7:783)


Jason Porter 2000-2002. Entered Medical School at MCV, 2002.


Ranmali Bopitaliya 2000-2002.


High School students

Will Imbrie 2015 Harvard

Logan Foster 2015 UVa

Allison Hidalgo, 2014. continued onto Notre Dame

Charlie Sheehan, 2013, currently an undergraduate at UVA

Amy Hidalgo 2010, continued onto Notre Dame

Tom Choi 2006 entered UVA Neuroscience DMP, now at GWU Med School

Brian Chen 2009, became undergraduate at UVA

Travis Marshal Roth 2009 continued onto Notre Dame

Mona Badr 2010, went to undergraduate at Virginia Tech