About the Collaborate to Co-teach Project

The purpose of this website is to facilitate effective co-teaching and to help teachers or students teachers shift from a traditional teaching paradigm to a co-teaching model.

As full-inclusion, Response to Intervention programs (RTI), virtual schooling and collaborative classrooms increase in all schools---across all grade levels---the need for teachers to work together effectively has increased. They must now view their efforts as a team rather than as individual instructors. Because of the rapid pace of classrooms and the immediate demands of management, curriculum, and student welfare, many teachers and student teachers, as well as teacher-to-teacher pairs, operate without taking sufficient time to collaborate about co-teaching. The communication that is necessary for effective shared planning, instruction, and reflection is missing as the fast-paced teaching day decreases natural opportunities for teachers to problem-solve with colleagues. Successful collaboration and co-teaching strategies are needed then in order to increase effective instructional practice. This website was created to give teachers and student teachers the opportunity to learn what co-teaching is, including the 5 common models, and how it can be successfully implemented.

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Thanks to Our Participants

Many thanks to the cooperating teachers/clinical instructors who were interviewed during this project for sharing their knowledge and expertise on co-teaching:

Hannah Bailey, Katie Bledsoe, Cheryl Brooks-Davis, Christopher Columbano, Dean Eliason, Victoria Megginson, Elizabeth Mulcahy, Fatima Parker, Hillary Pleasants, Anne Straume

Thank you also to the student teachers who were interviewed during this project for sharing their experiences and insights:

Erin Broy, Claire Cantrell, Marley Ogden, Sarah Schmidt, Nefret Stringham, Kelly Widdows and to those in the Curry School’s Teacher Education program class of 2015 who answered a short survey.

Thank you to Maura Johnson for conducting the classroom recordings. And, thank you to Cindy Alexander for granting permission to incorporate clips from her Youtube video on "What Co-teaching Looks Like in the Classroom".

Funding was Provided by…

The Collaborate to Co-teachwebsite is the direct result of a Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Clinical faculty training grant:Collaborative Change: Effective Co-Teaching for Clinical Instructors and Student Teachers. (Grant #879 SY13CFG). The project directors were Dr. Sandra B. Cohen and Dr. Adria Hoffman of the Teacher Education Program at the University of Virginia (UVA) Curry School of Education. Dr. Spring Brennan designed and developed the website and multimedia.