Co-teaching Resources

Here is a list of useful websites, articles and videos on co-teaching.

Co-teaching with student teachers

The Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia presents basic information for cooperating teachers and student teachers on implementing a co-teaching placement with a student teacher.

Indiana universities rethink student teaching

Article on how and why universities in Indiana are rethinking their student teaching model as they move toward co-teaching.

Co-teaching model: Alternative teaching

Video demonstrations of two different classrooms where the alternative model of co-teaching is being used.

Collaborating to Meet Challenges of Co-teaching Common Core Standards (pdf)

Article from Eastern Kentucky University that reviews experiences of collaborative teacher educators from four universities.

Voices from the Field: Multiple Perspectives on a Co-teaching in Student Teaching Model (pdf)

Article on the benefits on shifting student teacher preparation to a co-teaching paradigm.

Co-teaching: A model for classroom management

Brigham Young University website that offers short explanations of brief video clips demonstrating different ways two teachers implement co-teaching.

Circle of concern/circle of influence (pdf)

From Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Effective People (1992). May be adapted so teachers can convey their concerns about co-teaching.