What is 'co-teaching with a
student teacher'?

Co-teaching is generally described as two trained teachers jointly delivering instruction in a single physical space. A common example is when a General Education teacher and a Special Education teacher share responsibility for instruction and classroom management. Co-teaching can also occur when cooperating teachers supervise and mentor student teachers. Careful planning and execution are needed for successful co-teaching with student teachers.


A Paradigm Shift

Shifting the student teaching experience to a co-teaching paradigm involves more collaboration and sharing of responsibilities than a traditional model. This presentation outlines the two models and addresses the transition to co-teaching.

Are You a Co-Teacher?

We're interested in your experiences as co-teachers--please share them with us! We also welcome resource suggestions, including your co-teaching lesson plans or protocols, and will even add them to the website.

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Despite the growing demand for co-teaching as an inclusive teaching practice, it is often misinterpreted or poorly implemented. There are important strategies and tips necessary for avoiding issues of authority, ownership, and student confusion.

Observation Videos

What does co-teaching look like? Watch these videos to identify and evaluate co-teaching practices. Be sure to compare your answers to our experts' responses.