About Us

The Co-Teaching with Student Teachers website is the direct result of a Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Clinical faculty training grant: Collaborating for Instruction (C4I): Improving the Instructional Teaming of Student Teachers and Clinical Instructors. (Grant #879SY11CFG). The project directors were Drs. Sandra B. Cohen and Ruth Ferree from the University of Virginia (UVA) Curry School of Education. Spring Brennan designed and developed the website and multimedia.

The Curry School of Education's Teacher Education program has been shifting from a traditional student teaching paradigm to a co-teaching model in order to:

  1. Maximize engagement and student learning in each classroom site by taking advantage of having two instructors;
  2. increase instructional practice time for student teachers;
  3. allow our preservice teachers to gain important collaboration skills necessary for successful teaching in 21st century classrooms.

We created this website to provide the opportunity for clinical instructors (cooperating teachers) to learn about, and reflect on, aspects of co-teaching with a student teacher, but we want to emphasize that during the student teaching placement, student teachers need to have opportunities to be alone with their students and to feel the complete responsibility of being the classroom teacher. Unless they have the chance to experience singular teaching, they may not fully develop the skills needed for establishing and maintaining instructional authority.

In addition to the development of this website, the VDOE grant allowed us to offer Curry School of Education clinical instructors a training institute on using coaching and collaboration strategies in their roles as preservice teacher-mentors. We believe that the benefits of encouraging clinical instructors to increase their own skills in collaboration will be passed on to preservice and novice teachers who are just beginning professional careers in education.

Teacher Ed.

We thank Paula Hoffman, Michael Remchuk, Stacey Heltz, and Jennifer McGraw, for their participation in the videos used in this project. Thanks also to our beta testers, including Josh Waldron. We also thank Cindy Alexander for granting us permission to incorporate her Youtube video on "What Co-teaching Looks Like in the Classroom".