5 co-teaching formats

Watch this observation video and respond to the questions. We recommend that you take notes and pause/rewatch it while composing your answers. When finished responding to the questions, compare your answers to our experts' conclusions.

Here are the five co-teaching formats: 1) One teach; one support, 2) Parallel teaching, 3) Station teaching, 4) Alternative teaching and 5) Teaming (Team teaching).


  1. For each of the 5 co-teaching formats, what components of co-teaching did you see?
  2. What did you notice about how these co-teachers communicate with each other?
  3. What social skills and dispositions are evident when these co-teachers work together?
  4. Would something have to change if the co-teaching in the video were carried out by a cooperating teacher and a student teacher?

For more information on the five formats, see Friend, M (2010). The Power of 2. National Professional Resources, Inc.


Video used with permission from creator Cindy Alexander.