inside Successful Co-teaching: Communication

Co-teaching is like a dance, and successful co-teaching partners choreograph an instructional conversation that evolves through planning and is always on-going. The co-teaching pairs in our observation videos demonstrate the strategies we recommend--while all enjoy co-teaching, they stress that it takes time and effort to achieve.

Watch this video and respond to the questions within. We recommend that you take notes and pause/rewatch it while composing your answers. Be sure to compare your answers to our experts' conclusions.

About the co-teachers...

Ms. Masters is an experienced teacher, and Mr. Goode is the student teacher paired with her. At the time of this video, the two have worked together for several months. They agree that mutual respect, trust, and communication have been essential to the success of their work together.

Their discussion here is about planning a lesson following an assessment. The assessment indicated that some students need remediation, while others are ready to start a problem solving activity.

Epilogue: Mr. Goode has since finished his student teaching and was hired as a teacher in the same school!