The Curry Teacher Education program offers online clinical instructor training, as an extension of its Clinical Instructor Training Institute (CITI). The training's purpose is to familiarize Clinical Instructors (CIs) with the Curry School's expectations, policies and procedures for supervising student teachers. It also addresses the coaching and mentoring methods supported by the Teacher Ed. program.

The online training consists of lessons and activities devoted to each of the 5 sections of our Teaching Associate Handbook, plus an introduction and cumulative review. The lessons are followed by a Show What You Know survey. The training materials include videos, webpages, puzzles and quizes, in addition to the Handbook. While prior Web-based education experience is not necessary, CIs must be self-directed, highly motivated, and self-disciplined to complete the training online. You may choose between completing the training online or attending the 4.5 hour training, which is held each July at the University of Virginia.

Step 1: Sign up

Submit the sign up form letting us know you wish to complete the training online. After reviewing your information, we'll send instructions and links so you can begin.

Step 2: Complete the training

Follow the instructions we sent to access the training materials. Use the lessons and reviews to study Curry's expectations, policies and procedures.

Step 3: Show what you know

After completing the training and reviewing the Handbook, respond to a few survey questions. We'll review your survey answers and send feedback that identifies your places of misunderstanding or addresses emerging issues.

Step 4: Supervise your TA

Use what you learned in the training to coach and mentor your TA.

remember: The TA evaluation must be submitted online within 2 weeks of the end of placement.


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Clinical Instructor Training Online is a service of the Teacher Education Program in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Please feel free to contact us with any questions of comments.