The Flexible Organism: Developmental Plasticity and the Origins of Diversity


David Pfennig

Professor of Biology

Royster Society of Fellows, Director

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

6:00 PM

Gilmer Hall 190

David Pfennig’s research focuses on the interplay between evolution, ecology, and development. He is especially interested in the evolutionary and ecological consequences of a common feature of development––its tendency to be responsive to changes in an individual’s environment.  He studies these questions in diverse systems from toads to snakes to viruses.

Dr. Pfennig has published more than 100 scientific papers, as well as a book –– Evolution’s Wedge (with Karin Pfennig) –– that integrates evolution and ecology and places the study of these fields in an historical context.  His research has been featured on The National Geographic Channel, on PBS’s Nature series and in the The New York Times, Newsweek, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist, and Discover, among other publications.