Evolutionary Neuroscience :: Final project rubric

Fundamentally, what I am looking for is work that is on time, well-developed, thoughtful, organized, neat, and of high quality. I will evaluate your website for excellence in the following areas:

  1. Topic choice
    • Related to evolution of cognition and/or the brain
    • Addresses a current controversy in the field or the historical development of ideas
  2. Background
    • Establishes meaningful context and significance of topic for broad audiences
    • Writing is grounded in a thorough review of the literature
    • Key concepts are explained clearly
    • Defines the questions to be addressed and previews the structure of the site
    • Provides links to 1–3 external resources for further information
  3. Review of the literature
    • Review primarily relies on findings from primary research papers in peer-reviewed journals
    • Results from studies are described succinctly and cited appropriately
    • Interprets findings critically
      • For historical approaches, explains the key findings that altered the prevailing theories
      • For controversy-based approaches, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of papers that support or challenge the competing theories
  4. Conclusions
    • Reaches a synthesis related to the context and questions established in the Background
    • Summarizes the extent to which the controversy or historical development has been resolved to date
    • Makes recommendations for future work.
  5. Organization
    • Layout is clean, with readable typefaces
    • Pages are easy to navigate
    • Links to external resources work
    • Graphics are clear, captioned, and properly attributed
  6. Style is clear, concise, readable, mature, and polished, with a minimum of grammatical and typographical errors
  7. Communicates effectively with both expert and non-expert audiences