Dear fellow explorers of the field of children's literature,

Thanks for a good conversation today. I am glad we got a chance to define a few terms that will be part of our common language throughout the semester. I think it is now useful to map out the relationships between these terms to deepen our understanding. Here are the terms I'd like us all to represent non verbally in a CONCEPT MAP:

* author
* narrator
* character
* text
* message
* meaning
* implied reader
* author intention
* pleasure

Examples of concept maps (to quite different topics) can be found at

Wit regard to the READINGS for Tuesday:
Please note that you only have to read certain pages of Ariès' and Guttormsson's chapters; I marked the page numbers in red on the syllabus. I recommend that you read all three texts in the order listed there. Accocella's article (New Yorker) provides a commentary on how research such as Guttormsson's (In: The History of the European Family) was sparked by Ariès' provocative theory.
Please bring a copy of the relevant pages to class!

If you are NOT writing a response paper for Tuesday, please make sure to read the papers of others before class. From now on: response papers will be posted on toolkit.

And finally, I have posted the instruction for the child_lit list serve TREASURE HUNT our class page at
Please do not forget to sign up on Tuesday if you have not done so already!

Have a great weekend,