Team Project: Proposal and Feedback
Model Proposal

Write a succinct 500-word proposal to further clarify your goals and objectives. This step should be relatively easy for teams who have already produced a thorough draft of your goals, project title, outline, and preliminary bibliography in preparation for the meeting with me.

The goal of the feedback is to help teams think through inconsistencies and suggest strategies to further fine-tune the project. Review feedback before class.

The proposal should contain a clear statement of just what it is you intend to do and enough detail on how you propose to do it. Proposals must include, in this sequential order:

  1. title of the project and scope
  2. a rationale or need for the topic, unit, or paper you are proposing
  3. a statement of objectives (intended outcomes) of the proposed project that responds to the rationale or need identified
  4. how the presentation will be conducted (including how to accomplish the objectives with an engaged target audience(s)
  5. a rational for the specific format of your final product
  6. preliminary bibliography

Feedback should be written and posted individually.

Each member of Team 1 will post his/her feedback comments on proposal of Team 2, and vice versa.
Each member of Team 3 will post his/her feedback comments on proposal of Team 4, and vice versa.
Each member of Team 5 will post his/her feedback comments on proposal of Team 2, and vice versa.

In reviewing your classmates' proposals you should comment on these aspects:

  1. Scope of the project and title. Does the team intend to do too much or too little? How could the focus be improved? Is the title adequate?
  2. Rational and objectives. Are they convincing? How could they be improved?
  3. Format of the presentation. Are format and means appropriate? Will they effectively engage the audience? How could the presentation format be improved?
  4. Format of the final project. Is it adequate to effectively communicate the outcomes of the project? How could it be enhanced?
  5. Bibliography. What other readings should be included?
  6. Clarity. How clearly is the proposal written?

Evaluation Criteria

During this part of the process your team can 15 points (out of 100) for clarity and organization of the project, effective communication of ideas, quality of feedback on other proposals, and for e-mailing Prof. Bach the evaluation of team functioning.