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Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Literature has a number of learning objectives: Some focus on tangible knowledge and skills while others are more abstract and long-term. All learning activities in the course rely and/or build upon one or more of these objectives. After looking them over, we encourage you to reflect on how these learning objectives coincide or differ from your personal goals for the course.

Why should you care about this course?
This class challenges you to:
What knowledge can you obtain in this course?
You should learn to:
What skills can you acquire in this course?
Critical thinking and writing
In this course, you will have the opportunity to develop and practice critical thinking and writing skills. It helps you to improve your ability to:
The writing assignments will help you develop the technical competencies necessary to communicate the results of your thinking effectively, such as these: Manage team projects
Most workplaces require you to work with others. The team project will give you a chance to develop skills necessary for planning and executing a successful project including:
IHow will this course help me see connections?
This course encourages you to:
How can this course help me be a better learner?
This course give you an opportunity to:
  • identify and cultivate what really interests you;
  • develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses;
  • experience how a continuous writing practice can be very productive and fun.