Book Reviews

Model Reviews

Many of you may be interested in writing reviews of children's books while you are in college or in the future. We encourage you to seriously think about reviewing a book for a newspaper or journal if you think you'd enjoy that. There are certainly venues! Those of you who plan a career in educating children and/or young adults may be asked to submit review of books before including them in your class. In any case, this is a chance to explore the genre!

1. Read "Writing a Review" from Kathleen T. Horning, From Cover to Cover. Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books. 1997. 176-194.

2. Write a review of The Golden Compass for an imaginary journal with the title "Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction." You can also review another young adult or children's book you have recently came across and thought it should be included in a course like ours.

3. Have fun!