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Econ. 410 - Managerial Economics

Professor Edwin T. Burton


Final Examination -- Monday, December 20th, 1999, 2PM - 5PM

You are responsible for all of the reading on the final exam including:

The six chapters 5-9 and 12 in Milgrom and Roberts
Net Worth
Information Rules
Schleifer and Vishny

Obviously some things are more important than others. Very important are: the wage equation chapter in Milgrom and Roberts (Chapter 7), Information Rules, and Schleifer-Vishny.

You are responsible for all topics covered in lecture and reading.  Information since the mid-term exam is much more important (than information before the mid-term) and may be as much as 75 to 80 percent of the final.


Topical Outline of the Course: 

I. Incentive Contracting

a. Game Theory Notions - Adverse Selection & Moral Hazard 
b. The Pure Theory of Insurance 
c. Designing Incentive Contracts

Reading: Chapters 5-9, 12 in Milgrom and Roberts

II. Financial Accounting, Valuations

a. Cash flow concepts 
b. Managed earnings 
c. Purchase versus pooling 
d. Valuing a firm using cash flow analysis 

Reading: none (at present)

III. Valuing Technology Companies

Reading: Information Rules, Net Worth 

IV. Corporate Governance 

Reading: Schliefer and Vishny 

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Final Examination -- Monday, December 20th, 1999, 2PM - 5PM

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