Having troubles with your Local Aborigines?
20 Ways to Commit Publicly Acceptable Genocide
1.     Make the Aborigine a non-person.  Convince them that their ancestors were savages, violent drunkards or make them wards of the State.  Write a constitution that says they don't exist.  Make the courts find that they do exist 200 years after invasion.  Hail this as a great leap forward for Aboriginal rights and use the same court decision to remove all future rights to illegally occupied land.

2.      Convince Aboriginal people that they should be patient that times are changing - what's another 200 years?

3.       Study aboringial people and write books about how different they are.  Sell their art, their history, their culture on the grounds that no one knows anything about it.   Employ anthropologists and archaeologists to teach Aboriginal people about their history.  Put all evidence of Aboriginal society and culture in past tense, talk about Aboriginal culture as contaminated by the West, be sad that it has gone and ask white people to tell us about the good old days.  Make contemporary Aborinal politics and society invisible, and lament what has been lost.

4.        Make Aboriginal poeple believe that things are being done for their own good.  Convince them that after they've experienced the benefits of the British legal system, the Australian penal system and Government policies they will realise how good you have been.  Tell them that this is 'working together'.  Tell Aboriginal people that they mus enjoy the benefits bestowed on them, tell them that these benefits come from the kindness of your heart.

5.        Get some Aboriginal people to do the dirty work.  There are always those who will act to disadvantage their own.  Make them a 'leader' of the people, give them praise, a fine suit, give them money so that the world can see how lucky Aboriginal people are.

6.       Insist Aboriginal people go through the proper channels.  make the channels and procedures so different and expensive that they will run out of energy or money.

7.       Tell the Aboriginal people that 'reconciliation' is taking a lot of effort, is costing a lot of money.  Tell them they really should be appreciative as there are much more important things you could be doing.  you are on the right track when you start getting the praise of your victims.

8.       Consult Aboriginal people but don't act on what they tell you.  Call for special inquiries, Royal Commissions, write a report, write another report then file it.  Fill the libraries and parliment with reports.  Allocate money to writing more reports, tell everyone how much money you've spent on trying to help Aboriginal people.  Be shocked when nothing has changed and commission a new report.  Tell Aboriginal people that they have a voice, then act as if you're listening.  Then reinterpret what they have said to suit your own needs.

9.       Allow a few individuals to make the grade.  Then point them out as examples.  The hard workers have made the grade and therefore it is the person's own fault if they don't succeed.

10.     Appeal to the Aborigines sense of fairness and tell them, even if things are pretty bad, it's not for them to make strong potest.  Such protest should be described as unproductive, as unravelling all the hard work you've done.  Keep the argument going about their troublemaking to avoid the real issues.

11.      Encourage Aboriginal people to take their case court.  This is a long and expensive process and the laws are stacked against them.  The court ruling will always defeat Aboriginal rights but will give the impression that something has been done.  Act concerned that the pendulum may swung too far, that the rights of whites have been made uncertain and under threat.

12.      Make Land Rights the most devasting threat to national stability and the national economy.  Tell them that everyone should be able to use their land particularly forests and beachfronts.  Tell them that resources belong to everyone.  Tell them they should not consider themselves when there is a whole country to think of.  Tell them they should not consider themselves when there is a whole country to think of.  Tell them it is wrong to threaten non-indigenous peoples homes because they have worked hard for them and dispossession is nine tenths of the law.

13.       When Aboriginal people protest mining and development on their own land, tell them they don't understand what's good for them.  Tell them that they should be grateful for radioactive pollution because it comes with a check from the mining company.  Make sure the goverment doesn't provide any services to areas with high Aboriginal populations.  Allow the mining companies to promise a service infrastructure well below the national  standard.  Tell the Aborigines that without the mining company they will have nothing.  Don't be bothered if the minin company fails all promises.  Set up an extra government department to look at aboriginal services.  Use this money to subsidse another government department.  Use the leftovers to subsidise the obligations of the mining company.  announce an increase in government funding on the needs of Aboriginal people, as though housing is a special is a special need of Aborigines.  Thank the minimg company for caring for the community and contributing to the economy.

14.       Tell them that some of your best friends are Aboriginal.  Tell them you've had dinner  with  Aboriginal people at your own house.  Tell them that their loss of rights is because of their dirty houses, drinking and clothing.

15.       Allocate some money to research the problem's in Aboriginal communities.  spend most of the money on areas like smoking and drinking so you can tell Aborginal people how bad they really are.

16.       Convince Aboriginal people that their own people who are the most beneficial and powerfull are dangerous and not to be trusted, or simply lock them up on some charge like trespassing on their own land or driving with a broken headligh.  Follow the leaders, watch their every move, make bets on being able catch them doing something wrong - you may need to scrutinise criminal law to help your chances.

17.        Remove Aboriginal people's rights so gradually that people don't  notice what's happening until it's too late.  make the process legalistic and obscure so only experts can understand.  Encourage the experts to make a lot of money, then praise the system.  If any accessible issue goes public be frustrated that people have failed to move on.  Tell people to look to the future ratehr than moan about the past.  Continue to re-invent the past.

18.         Rely on reason (your reason and logic) instead of rightness, morality and justice.  Give thousands of reasons for things but do not be trapped into arguements about Aboriginal people's rights.

19.         Hold a National conference, call it "Reconciliation" or something.  Allow a couple of people to blow off steam.  Give yourself the chance to cry in public about the history of genocide, dispossession and assimilation of Aboriginal people say "sorry" then go home feeling as if something has been done.

20.         Hold an international event - like the Olympic Games - talk about what a brilliant country you live in, use Aboriginal culuture as a unique marketing tool.  Provide cheap tickets because you're the kind of person who gives everyone a fair go.