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Status Report
Apache Indians Case File
Buffalo Case File
California (S.C.A.Q.M.D.) Case File
Trading Requirements 
Smog Market to Offer Pollution by the Pound 
More than $10 Million in Trades 
South Coast Air Quality Mangement District 
AQMD Emissions Trading Program 
Selling Air Pollution 
Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans 
Regional Clean air Incentives Market 
AQMD Expands Air Pollution credit Market 
Air Emissions Trading 
AQMD Shrinkage to Continue 
Civil Rights Suit Attacks Trade in Pollution Credits 
Challenges Filed to Implementation of SCAQMD 
Chairman Unveils Environmental Justice Initiatives 
SCAQMD Chair Unveils Env. Justice Initiatives 
Arb to Suspend Approval of Credit Rules 
Oil Rag issue #8 
AQMD board Adopts env. Justice Initiatives 
Chairman william A. Burke Reappointed to AQMD Board 
Arb-EPA Exchange Casts Doubts on Emissions Trading Rules 
District Staff Recommends Changes 
AQMD Launches Largest Toxic Air Pollution Study in a Decade 
AQMD Fact Sheet: Toxic Air Pollution Studies 
AQMD tightens Rules of Car Scrapping Program 
CBE Sues SCAQMD over Amendments to Car Scrapping Rules 
Smog Control Board Selects New Chief 
Challenging the Racism in Environmental Racism 
AQMD Begins Probe of Toxic Hot Spots 
California 1998 Environmental Developments 
Tosco Corp. v. Communities for Better Environment 
Rule 1610 Old Vehicle Scrapping 
Economics v. Equity 
Pollution Trading and Environmental Injustice 
Campo Case File 

Escaping Environmental Paternalism 
Excerpts from the Campo Indians Landfill War 
Lawmakers and Indians Wage War 
Campo Indians Accuse Peace of Cheap Shots at Landfill Hearing 
Bill Curbing Use of Indian Land Revived 
East County Indians hire Ohio firm to build landfill 
Consensus Reached for Waste Facilities on Indian Tribal Land 
U.S. Senator says Peace Bill on Indian Lands is Doomed 
Compromise Reached over Indian Landfills 
New report Describes GATT Threat to State Regulation 
Indian Environmental Bill Clears Hurdle 
Campo Landfill Foes Gain Allies in Mexico 
Chronicling a Battle to Bring Trash onto an Indian Reservation 
False Alarm Landfill Opponents Raise Unfounded Fears 

Chester Case File
The History of Chester 
Pennsylvania City Hopes It's Bouncing Back From the Bottom 
Chester Case 
Special power of state court challenged 
Chester Case (1st Appeal) 
Suit Says Racial Bias Led to Clustering of Solid-Waste Sites 
The Perpetrators 
Chester Residents Achieve Environmental Victory 
Chester Case (2nd Appeal) 
Chester Case (Cert.) 
The Role of Communities in Environmental Decisions 
Justice From the Ground Up 
Is There a Private Cause of Action Under EPA's Title VI Regulations? 
Genesee Power Station Case Study

Michigan Constitution (Article I §  2) 
Michigan Environmental Protection Act 
In the Matter of Genesee Power Station 
Recent Judicial Developments on Environmental Justice 
Env. Justice and the Teaching of Env. Law 
Flint Woman Tries to Block Power Plant 
Enforcement Subcommittee of the Nat. Env. Justice Advisory Committee (Letter) 
The Role of Communities in Environmental Decisions 
Michigan in Forefront of Fight over EPA Rules 
Two Cities Bound by Industry 
EPA Aims at New Case in Genesee 
EPA: State may have Broken Laws 
EPA Delays Rights Plan 
Genesse Power Station 

Goshute Indian Reservation Case File

Radioactive Racism? 
Utah's Not A Glow Over Goshute 
Goshute Still Seeking N-Waste Dollars 
Utah Tribe Won't Dump Plan for Its N-Facility 
Create Alternative for Goshutes 
N-Waste Group is Ignoring Utah 
Group Files Request for N-Waste Site 
Goshute Indians have Right to Business Opportunities 
Utah Split on Nuclear Storage Plan 
State Asks Feds to Nix Nuke Dump 
Nuclear Agency Accpets Waste-Site Application 
Goshutes N-Waste Dump Would Pose Dangers to Utahns 
Woman's Goal: Keep N-Waste Off Indian Reservations 
Nuclear Dicotomy 
Give Goshutes an Alternative 
Nuclear $torage 
Utah Politicians Oppose N-Dump 
Pro-Nuclear Scientists Back Utah as Storage Site 
Leavitt Compromises in N-Waste Debate 
Anti-Waste Resolution Hits a Snag 
Bill Aims At Nuclear Waste Plan 
Utah Perpetuates Persecution of Skull Valley Goshutes 
Senate Wants $2 Billion Bond . . . 
Benefits of Nuclear Waste 
Legislators Raise Stakes in Effort to Ban N-Dump 
Pay-Back Time 
Hypocrisy in Tooele 
State can Participate in N-Waste Talks 
Utah Sues Feds for Data on Goshute N-Plan 
High Level N-Waste Disposal (Peterson) 
USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
Nuclear Panel Begins Hearings on Skull Valley Plan 
N-Waste Storage Opposition Resolution 
Gaining Access to Billions of Dollars 
Legislative Developments 
High Level Nuclear Waste (Blackham) 
State of the State Address  
Leavitt's 'Moat' Full of Holes 
Anti-Nuclear Waste Effort Make Strange Bedfellows 
Utah Resisting Tribe's Nuclear Dump 
More than Half of Goshutes Sue Tribe over Waste Plan 
Leavitt Erects New Obstacle to Goshute Nuclear Storage 
State of Utah v. US Dept. of the Interior 
Judge Won't Let Utah Review Goshute Lease 
Tribe in Utah Fights for N-Waste Dump 
Leavitt's Barriers to Tooele County N-Waste Dump are Crumbling  

Greenpoint/Brooklyn Case File
Houston Case File
Hydro-Quebec Case File 

Crees Cite Hydro Dams 
Paddling to Save the Great Whale 
Cree Blast 'Environmental Racism' Leader 
Power Struggle 
Cuomo Scores One for Cree Nation 
Natives Need Veto on Development U.N. Report Urges 
Quebec Cree Get $125 Million Over 50 Years in Deal Over Dams 
Quebec Cree Vow Media War 
Environmental Group Assails Electricity Deal with Quebec 
Ancient Land of the Cree Swamped by Hydropower 
Hydro-Quebec's Plan Unjustified, Cree Indians Say 
Goldman Prize: Recipient Profile 
Grand Council of the Crees v. Attorney-General of Canada 
Quebec Cree Hail High Court Decision Against Power Utility 
Canadian Court Ruling Heartens Native Groups 
Crees Plan 2nd Trip to Protest Pact 
Opposition Lines up to Fight Expansion at Hydro-Quebec 
Power Authority Cancels Pact with Hydro-Quebec 
A Danger to Our Culture 
Cree Cheif Wins Environmnetal Prize for Anti-Dam Effort  
James Bay Cheif Wins Award for Defence of Environment 
Quebec Turns Off Giant Hydroelctric Project 
Retail Wheeling: . . . 
Cree Indians' Fight with Hydro Quebec 

Jabiluka Mine Project Case File

Yvonne Margarula 
The Fight for Jabiluka 
Fact Sheets 
Having Troubles With Your Local Aborigines? 
"We are not Talking About Mining" 
Beyond a Walk in the Park 
Environment - Jabiluka Uranium Mine 
Margarula v. Minister for Resources 
Jabiluka Mill Alternative 
UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization 
Hill Won't Rule Out ERA Set to Scrap Jabiluka 
Help Protect Kakadu National Park  
Jabiluka Stand 'like Racist US' 
Human Rights Trampled in Australia 
Submission From the Mirrar People 
Jabiluka: The Undermining of Process 
Jabiluka: The Undermining of Process (Senator's Report) 
Statement by Senator the Hon. Robert Hill 
Kakadu Fails to make World Heritage Listing 

Pensacola, Fla. Case File 

Environment a Loser in Legislature, Groups Say 
Pockect of Deadly Disease Surrounds Superfund Site 
Pensacola Activists take Environmental Concerns to Capitol Hill 
EPA Test Confirms Complaint . . . 
Testing Show Neighborhood Contaminated 
US EPA May Move 126 families Off Hazardous Waste Site 
Budget Impasse May Prolong Pensacola Superfund Struggle 
Hirschhorn Key Player in Finding Relief For Residents Near Contamination 
These are the Things That Have Happened 
Neighborhood Blames Years of Woe on 'Mt. Dioxin' 
EPA Drafts Proposed Plan for an Interim Action . . . 
'Mt Dioxin' Neighbors Fume Over Partial Relocation Plan 
Pensacola Neighborhood feels Afraid to Breathe 
EPA Plans for Florida Dioxin Site Criticized 
Environmental Justice: EPA to Move 101 Families From Fl. Site 
EPA to Move all Neighbors of 'Mt. Dioxin' Waste Site 
EPA to Evacuate 'Mt. Dioxin' 
Villain is Dioxin. Relocation is Response. But Judgment is in Dispute 
Moving To a Cure: EPA Decides to Relocate Town . . . 
Breacking Containment; Relocation . . . 
Environmentalists Release 'Poison Poles' Report . . . 

NYC Gardens Case File 

Garden Preservation 
In the Matter of New York City Coalition for the Preservation of Gardens v. Giuliani (Oct. 15 1997) 
Browning of Hope for Village Gardens 
In the Matter of New York City Coalition for the Preservation of Gardens v. Giuliani (Jan. 15 1998) 
Working to Protect New York's Community Gardens 
Bulldozing the Grassroots Gardeners 
Garden Auction is Slap at Civility; A Failed Policy Returns 
Gardens Flap Growing Giuliani to Auction 126 Plots 
Garden-Lovers Arrested at City Hall Sit-In 
Plowed Under: A Tree No Longer Grows in Harlem 
Garden Preservation Update! 
'No Gardens, No Peas' Cry Protesters in Park 
Hundreds Gather to Protest City's Auction of Garden Lots 
Take Action Website 
Take Direct Action for Public Space (Dance) 
Two More Suits Seek to Stop Sale of Gardens 
Giuliani Seeks Deal to Sell 63 Gardens to Land Group and End Suits 
Sudden Deal Saves Gardens Set for Auction  
The Trust for Publc Land Buys 63 Community Gardens from City for $3 Million 
New Yorkers Dig Deep to Save Their Bit of Heaven 
The Bureaucrat's Dance 
Worley v. Giuliani (Amended Complaint) 
NYC Environmental Justice Alliance v. Giuliani (June 4, 1999) 
Article 16. Urban Development Action Area Act 

Richmond, Cali. Case File

Jackson Kicks off 'Environmental Justice' Tour 
Greening the Ghetto 
Ameliorating Environmental Racism 
Confronting Environmental Racism 
Will State Ignore Toxic Release Threat? 
A Community Transformed: Richmond, California 
Richmond Plant Safety Pact OK'D 
U.S. EPA Awards Bay Area Cities $300,000 for Revitalization 
"Environmental Racism" and Locally Undesirable Land Use 
A Taxing Problem for Environmental Justice 
Clinton Administration Campaign for a Lead-Safe America 

Shintech Case File