Genesse Power Station
35 MW Wood Waste Fueled Power Plant
Flint, Michigan
The Genesee Power Station, located within the Dort-Carpenter Industrial Center near Flint Michigan is a 35 MW wood waste fueled power plant. Wood waste consists of wood chips from forest improvement programs, construction, demolition and sawdust from local lumber mills. The Project is expected to utilize approximately 165,000 bone dry tons of wood waste per year. 

The plant will generate steam with a single conventional ABB Combustion Engineering VU-40 traveling grate boiler. Particulates are removed from the flue gas stream by a multicyclone and an electrostatic precipitator. Steam is converted into electricity by an ABB single-flow condensing turbine coupled to an ABB synchronous generator. 

Electricity is converted at the site from 13.8 kV generation voltage to 46 kV for sale to Consumers Energy. The Plant is dispatchable between 19,250 kW and 35,000 kW and is expected to produce approximately 183,960 megawatt-hours of electricity annually. The Plant has available approximately 269,808 megawatt-hours annually.

Address 5315 Energy Drive, Flint, MI 48505
Phone (810) 785-4144 
Fax 785-7836
Plant Manager Daniel J. Noel
Staff 27 Employees
In-Service Date January 1996
Project Developer CMS Generation Genesee Company and Genesee Power Partners Limited Partnership
Project Owner Genesee Power Station Limited Partnership
BVTBC, A Tri-Venture
Plant Operator CMS Generation Operating Company
Fuel Manager Mid-Michigan Recycling, L.C.
Debt Financing Michigan Strategic Fund
Equity Financing CMS Generation Genesee Company 
Genesee Power Partners Limited Partnership
CMS Generation Co. Ownership 50%
Electrical Capacity (net) 35 MW
Annual Energy 183,960 MWh
Customer Consumers Energy Company
Fuel Wood Waste
Heating Value 8,500 Btu/BDT
Annual Usage 165,000 BDT/year
Boiler Type and Size Single ABB Combustion Engineering boiler with a Detroit Stoker Hydro grate, 330,000 lbs/hr
Steam Pressure/Temperature 1280 psig/950 F
Steam Turbine/Generator ABB Power Generation condensing turbine rated at 38.6 MW (Gross) 
ABB dual-end-driven electric generator rated at 45 MVA at 13.8 kV
Air Pollution Control Multicyclone, electrostatic precipitator, SNCR NOx Control System 
Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
Fresh Water Treatment Ion Exchange Demineralizer, Deaerating heater, Counterflow Cooling Tower
Plant Control System Distribution Control System with CRT's
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