Grub Street: The Literary and the Literatory

Reading Schedule (*denotes a text in the reading packet)

September 1--Introduction to course

Drama I: Cuckolds, Cuckolders, City Wives and Country Ways: The Country Wife and the Scandal of Restoration Comedy

6—William Wycherley, The Country Wife, Acts 1-3
8 —The Country Wife, Acts 4 and 5, and except from Jeremy Collier, A Short View of the Immorality, and Profaneness, of the English-Stage*

Social Authors, General Readers

13--John Dryden, “Epistle Dedicatory” to Marriage a la Mode*
Aphra Behn, dedication to The Emperor of the Moon*
“G. J.,” dedication to The Widow Ranter*
Henry Fielding, dedication to Tom Jones*
Laurence Sterne, "Dedication" to Tristram Shandy*

Samuel Johnson--letter to Lord Chesterfield*
Dustin Griffin--"The cultural economics of literary patronage"*
15— Katherine Philips, selections* Poetry Worksheet*

20—Jane Barker, ms poems in Galesia Trilogy (specific titles to be announced)
22 —Barker, poetry continued

27—Jane Barker, A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies
29--Patch-Work Screen continued
Joseph Addison, Spectator #1*; Richard Steele, Spectator #2,* Addison, Spectator #10*
Terry Belanger, "Publishers and writers in eighteenth-century England"*

Drama II: William Congreve and the Ways of a Reforming World

October 4—William Congreve, The Way of the World, Acts 1-3
6—The Way of the World, Acts 4 and 5,
Congreve, from Amendments to Mr. Collier’s False and Imperfect Citations*

11--Reading Day--no class

13--Midterm Examination

Two by Two: The Dominance of the Couplet

18--assorted couplet poems
20--Alexander Pope: "Windsor Forest"*

25—no class meeting

Fictions, Histories, Authors, and Authority in the 1720s
27—Eliza Haywood, Fantomina, or, Love in a Maze*

November 1--Daniel Defoe, Roxana, the Fortunate Mistress, 33-149
3—Roxana, 149-223

8--Roxana, 223-conclusion
10 —Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels, Book I


15— Gulliver's Travels, Book II

17—Gulliver's Travels, Book III

22— Gulliver's Travels, Book IV

Pope: Social Author or Man of Print?

29—Pope, The Rape of the Lock*
December 1--Pope—The Dunciad, Book I*

Drama III: Susanna Centlivre’s Plots

6—Centlivre, The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret, Acts 1-3
8—The Wonder, Acts 4 & 5, plus appendices in Broadview edition