There will be two examinations in this class, a midterm, which will be given in class on February 27, and a final examination, to be given during exam week. The final exam will be comprehensive, asking you to remember and write upon texts that we have read together in the course of the entire semester.

The format will be similar for each exam, though of course the final will be somewhat longer. Each exam will have two sections; identifications of passages from texts we have read and essay questions. You'll also be asked to choose some of the passages you have identified and write short essays placing each passage in context and analyzing how they exemplify important themes and characteristics of the work from which they have been extracted.

If you're interested, you can see, download, and/or print out a copy of an old exam for this class; this semester's exams will look a good deal like these, though the examples will be different, because I change a fair percentage of the texts the class reads from year to year. To see an old midterm, click here. To see an old final, click here. These examples will give you an idea of what will be expected on your exams for this semester.