Handouts ask students to absorb new information (e.g., on scansion, or on metaphor, or on any other technical term). Presently there are two sections: Handouts on Close Reading, and Handouts on Writing

Assignments ask students to produce something outside of class (e.g., papers, presentations, responses to questions for discussion);

Activities ask students to absorb new information and to produce something demonstrating their new understanding during class time (e.g., learn four major tropes and identify three instances of each trope in a given text).

Leading Discussion

Administrative advice

Discussion Syllabi for ENGL 383 (more on the way from 382 and ENRN).

Course-Specific Material ENGL 381 and 382 and (more on the way from 383)

 Syllabi/Exams for ENLTs [from syllabi/contracts: coming soon]           

Sample Evaluations 

Writing Activities