"Final Course Evaluation": A final evaluation I designed for my ENLT 223M course, "Studies in Poetry." I did not design it to replace the department's official course evaluation, but to augment it. I wanted to ask students to evaluate the course in terms of the skills I had at the beginning of the term established as central to course's goals. As you will see these skills are pretty familiar ones that other instructors I suspect also seek to teach in their introductory courses. In that sense, perhaps these questions will be useful to other instructors."  Contributor: Mike Millner

"Midterm Self-Evaluation": A worksheet that you can use to have your students assess their own strengths and weaknesses at midterm, and to target the areas in which they need to improve.  Contributor: James Kim [available as MS Word document]

"Midterm Self-Evaluation," by Meg Gardiner. For all the classes I teach, I ask my students to do some form of self-assessment around the middle of the semester. The key to these assessments is that the criteria must be spelled out in specific terms. I target the assessments to address particular issues the class needs to work on.

"Midterm Activities Poll," by Kristin Jensen. With this quickie poll, I solicit some very basic feedback from students about the assignments and activities that we have done so far. The responses can be useful for planning the rest of the semester and future classes. Moreover, there is a benefit in the way this poll appeals to students’ psychology. Not only does it reassure them that I am interested in knowing about their experience of the class, it also reminds them of all the in-class activities, discussions, handouts, and minor assignments we have gone through in the first half of the semester—thereby creating a “value for the money” sense of the course.