"Close Reading": This handout describes some basic strategies for producing a close reading.  Contributors: Ashley Hairston and Jenny Geer

"Paraphrase v. Close Reading, Assertion vs. Demonstration": This two-part handout illustrates the differences between paraphrase and close reading, as well as the difference between assertion and demonstration.

"Explication Checklist": This handout offers students a list of strategies for close-reading poetry and drama. Contributor: Paul Menzer. 

"Metrical Variation Handout," by Kate Nash.

"How I Read a Text," by Marjorie Raley.

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"Top Ten List of Avoidable Mistakes," by Steve Arata.

"Paper Preparation Exercise," by Christopher Jackson. The objective of this assignment was to encourage my students to start thinking about a paper before they felt ready to begin. I gave them this assignment two weeks before the paper was due. The assignment was intended to occupy the first of these two weeks.

"Top Ten List of Things to Do Right in Your Paper," by Marianne Montgomery.

"Criteria for Paper Grades": Articulates for paper grades. Designed for ENGL 383, but adaptable/applicable to other courses. Contributer: Miles Gibson.

"Writing Essays about Literature": This handout offers students some general advice on producing analytical essays and research projects. Contributer: Jenny Geer.

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"The Art of Asking Questions" Contributer: Walter Jost.