September 13

Is Beowulf an Epic?

The Three Monster Fights

The Death of Beowulf

Mix of Genres and Modes in Epic

Final Lines of the Poem

What consolations does the poem offer? Does it offer any Christian consolation?

Last lines of the poem in original Old English:

cwaedon thaet he waere || wyruldcyninga
they said that he was || among kings of this world
manna mildust || ond monthwaerust,
the mildest of men || and the kindest
leodum lithost || ond lofgeornest
the gentlest to his people || and the most eager for fame

Emphasis on the survival of the hero in the praise songs that record his fame (like Beowulf itself), with a final focus on the creation of such a praise song at the funeral.

BARROW = burial mound

And Don't Forget ....

The Sutton Hoo ship burial