The Glory of Illuminated Painting



"pinnacles in panoply, pointing in air ... verily it seemed /
A castle cut out of paper..."

An illuminated painting
of a castle very reminiscent
of Hautdesert, from the
Tres Riches Heures
of the Duc de Berry
(c. 1415).

Source: Michael Camille, Gothic Art: Glorious Visions
(New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1996), p. 69



A garden of courtly lovers painting c. 1500,
from a manuscript of Le Roman de la Rose.

Source: Paul Anbinder, ed., Renaissance Painting
in Manuscript
(New York: Hudson Hill, 1983), p. 52




Sacred history considered in terms of the contemporary
moment (cf. the Second Shepherd's Play): a manuscript
illustration depicting the building of Noah's Ark (c. 1423)


Source: Janet Blackmore, The Illuminated Page
(Toronto: Toronto UP, 1997), p. 169



Petrarch and Laura, as imagined by an artist illustrating
a late 15th century edition of the Rime Sparse.


Source: Janet Blackmore, The Illuminated Page
(Toronto: Toronto University Press, 1997), p. 211



A Petrarchan moment illustrated as Desire quite literally
seizes the heart of the Lover in this illustration from a
15th century allegorical romance.


Source: King Rene's Book of Love, with an introduction
by F. Unterkircher (New York: Braziller, 1980), folio 2