Edward, the Black Prince
Trinity Chapel, Canterbury
Cathedral, 1376


Sept. 1: Introduction
Sept. 6: Anglo-Saxon Backgrounds
Sept. 8: Beowulf
Sept. 13: Beowulf
Sept. 15 Medieval Backgrounds
Sept. 20: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I and II
Sept. 22: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, III and IV
Sept. 27: Canterbury Tales, General Prologue
Sept. 29: Canterbury Tales, General Prologue
Oct. 4: Wife of Bath's Prologue
Oct. 6: Franklin's Introduction, Prologue and Tale
Oct. 11: Pardoner's Introduction, Prologue and Tale
Oct. 13: Midterm Examination
Oct. 18: Medieval Drama
Oct. 20: The Idea of the Renaissance
Oct. 25: Doctor Faustus
Oct. 27: Doctor Faustus
Nov. 1: The Art of Love
Nov. 3: The Elizabethan Sonnet: Sidney and Shakespeare
Nov. 8: Dead White Females
Nov. 10: Court and Country, Art and Nature
Nov. 15: The Tempest
Nov. 16: 5-7 pp. paper due, 5 p.m. Nov. 17: The Tempest
Nov. 22: Talking to God: The Poetry of Religious Meditation
Nov. 29: Paradise Lost, I and II
Dec. 1: Paradise Lost, IV
Dec. 6: Paradise Lost, IX
Dec. 8: Miltonic Invocation and Conclusion
Dec. 15: Take-home final due, 5 p.m.