Teaching Assistant Discussion Evaluation   - Quantitative Genetics

Did the students enjoy this discussion / project

1) Yes. We had a good discussion about eugenics when I handed back the homework.

2) They didn't like taking data, but nobody does.

3) Yes. I think they had fun. A nice group oriented activity.

What did the students learn from this discussion project?

1) How scientists estimate heritability - they got their feet wet.

3) I think there was potential (unrealized for some students) to understand heritability.

What did you like best about this week's discussion?

1) It was educational and fun - The students were able to work with organisms instead of just talk about them.

3) I think that an exercise calculating heritablitly is the only way they learn it.

What didn't you like?

In what ways can this exercise be improved?

1) Question  I-b is IMPOSSIBLE because they don't know the selection differential  (unless they assume a uniform distribution). (*Question refers to one in which students are asked to assume that 1/4 of the population with the largest character cannot reproduce- how would the character change in the next generation)

2) I think this project would be more educational if done after they had already worked with heritability in some other way. I think the students might do better with a problem set.

3) It was unclear what effect not having the data on the father meant. No reason to have some students look for differences between male and female offspring. Perhaps going through a mock data set would be helpful.