Teaching Assistant Discussion Evaluation - Darwin

Did the students enjoy this discussion / project

1) I don't think they enjoyed reading Darwin ("it was boring") but I think they benefitted from it

2) Didn't like reading Darwin - thought he went on about his examples too much

What did the students learn from this discussion project?

1) Why Darwin may have been so long-winded with examples - how he was trying to convince people.

2) Why Darwin used so many examples. They were introduced to why evol. biologists are fascinated with variation in nature

What did you like best about this week's discussion?

1) I think the insect collection was very nice.

2) Insect collection

What didn't you like?

1) I think it is important to talk about the collection before bringing the students to see it - otherwise the disruption results in them losing interest.

2) Not enough time to discuss Darwin effectively

In what ways can this exercise be improved?

1) I think it is valuable to have them think about the time (period) Darwin was writing in and what ideas were persuasive (then).