Teaching Assistant Discussion Evaluation  - Interdemic Group Selection

Did the students enjoy this discussion / project

1) They didn't understand the model. They seemed to enjoy the computer simulations, though.

2) I broke them into small groups to talk about the article. This worked really well.

What did the students learn from this discussion project?

1) How interdemic selection might work - the nuts and bolts of the model.

What did you like best about this week's discussion?

1) The students got their hands dirty trying to understand a computer model.

What didn't you like?

1) The exercise was not well constructed.

In what ways can this exercise be improved?

1) The point of the exercise is to get students to figure out how the model works - and the model is very complex.  They should run one run at a time instead of averaging 5 runs. The questions and parameter suggestions should be geared toward helping the students understand the model. Maybe they could read a section from the Levin and Kilmer paper.