Teaching Assistant Discussion Evaluation   - PAUP Exercise

Did the students enjoy this discussion / project
1) I think the demo (PAUP with mtDNA) was just biding time
2) Hard to tell. They liked GENBANK but we didn't have enough computers to effectively show them PAUP.
3) I think so. They seemed to like the GENBANK stuff and the PAUP exercise

What did the students learn from this discussion project?
1) I'm not sure if they learned anything - if they understood how to build the phylogeny there was not much gained.
2) Some of the computer resources available for molecular systematics
3) Availability of information on the net. That they don't have to do trees by hand! Not sure about the Wagner trees. I don't think going through the Wagner method was particularly helpful for their understanding of trees, evolution, parsimony . . .

What did you like best about this week's discussion?
1) Using GENBANK

What didn't you like?
1) The show-and-tell of the computers didn't work well - most students just waited until the demo was over so they could leave.
2) Not sufficient  time or resources for PAUP
3) Wagner method - it's not intuitive

In what ways can this exercise be improved?
1) Make this a homework exercise. More time to discuss GENBANK.
2) If we could find a program to put on the computer lab computers, the phylogeny assignment would work better as a homework assignment.